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Williams Bay School District – Elementary School

Design a flexible learning environment inspired by the night sky to promote connectedness + encourage students to reach for the stars

EUA worked with Williams Bay School District for almost two years to guide facilities planning and lead the communications process in engaging their community. In the District’s 2014 referendum, the community supported the integration of a new elementary school into the existing middle school site and building.

The new elementary school preserves the District’s heritage and tradition for excellence while creating modern learning spaces, increases flexibility for future growth and provides a safe learning environment for students. Within the school, collaboration zones are integrated between classroom wings allowing students the flexibility to work alone or together in groups. EUA led the process by providing research and alternative options on design solutions and materials to ensure the District was financially responsible while maintaining alignment to their overall vision. The design scheme centered around the area’s local astronomical observatory established in 1897, emulating patterns from the night sky throughout the school finishes.