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Waupun Area School District – Rock River Intermediate School

Adapt a former high school into spaces appropriate for grades 2 - 6

After relocating to the former high school, EUA worked with the district to renovate the 66,300 sq ft facility to be more “kid friendly.” To achieve this, we converted the science labs into classrooms with movable furniture to make reconfiguration easy and allow students to work in arrangements that suit their individual preferences.

The media center is spacious, with bright colors, ample daylight, movable furniture and glass-enclosed study rooms located within sight of the librarian. A computer lab doubles as a small classroom, and a gathering area with tiered benching provides space for group discussions. Hallway nooks with seating offer quiet rooms for reading.

We enlarged the cafeteria to provide additional seating during the lunch hour and linked the addition to the existing space via bi-fold doors. A new bank of windows offers substantial daylight to the learning areas, and colorful and reconfigurable furniture promotes student interaction. A more prominent main entry sequence improves visibility and security, and reconfigured parking provides a safer student drop-off and pick-up area.