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Watertown Regional Medical Center

Inspirational design focused on patient-centered care

Health + Wellness
WRMC asked EUA to design an addition and renovate departments while keeping in mind its vision to support and teach wellness to the community. WRMC feels strongly that improving the wellness experience and promoting it is an important part of healthcare.

The outdated and undersized Emergency and Obstetrics Departments were designed in the new addition. The new ED focuses on redesigning the way WRMC provides patient-centered care while separating the patient’s environment from the caregivers’ space.

Women’s Health
The women’s health department, includes Labor, Delivery, Recovery + Postpartum (LDPR) rooms that offer a “hotel-like” stay with welcoming living and sleeping spaces to accommodate visitors. This new layout allows patients easier access to staff while also providing space for the staff to collaborate separately.

WRMC’s new approach to dining focuses on a locally-grown, sustainable menu that promotes a healthy lifestyle for the community.  The new kitchen allows patients the flexibility to order room service at times convenient for them. Fresh vegetables and herbs are grown on hospital grounds in a new 11,000 square-foot garden.  To educate patients about healthy diets, the space includes a community demonstration kitchen where chefs and dieticians provide cooking classes - promoting easy-to-prepare meals that are tasty, affordable and healthy.

WRMC’s Wellness Works environment connects the community to lifestyle transformation programming, including an integrated medicine. This department also includes a cardiac rehabilitation space.