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UW-Whitewater Ma'iingan Hall

Design a residence hall that is efficient, accessible + aesthetically pleasing for those living there

EUA worked with the State of Wisconsin and University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to design a residence hall for first-year students. Important aspects of this project include an initial concept and budget phase where several design alternatives and associated costs were created and reviewed with stakeholders to determine the most appropriate configuration and budget.

The five-story, 400 student residence hall consists of housing areas arranged in pods. The pod arrangement contains two double occupant bedrooms and a bathroom accessed from a shared entry space. This provides students with an option for more privacy than the other traditional dorms on campus that have centralized multi-occupant bathrooms. Upper floors include centralized lounge spaces that support the formation of community. The first floor includes a computer lab, study and multipurpose rooms, a full kitchen and laundry room, along with a front desk and lobby area.

Universal design is an integral part of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s culture. EUA’s in-house accessibility expert worked closely with campus representatives to provide an accessible environment that goes beyond code minimums to create integrated, inclusive spaces for students of all abilities.