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UW-Superior Barstow Hall

Design cost-effective solutions for efficient classrooms

In an effort to meet UW space standards and increase efficient utilization of classroom and lab space, EUA worked to develop a multi-building concept and cost study for future needs and growth of their STEM program. The study focused on improvements to the third floor of Barstow Hall and reconfiguring space in the second and third floor of the Holden Fine & Applied Arts Center.

EUA facilitated discussions to determine a solution that best meets the needs of the faculty, students and Lake Superior Research Institute. With the amount of the underutilized lab spaces, EUA proposed a solution to consolidate lab and classroom spaces and design universal, multi-purpose labs. These universal labs will provide the adequate prep and storage space to facilitate multiple fields of environmental sciences. While most lab spaces are designed to accommodate only one type of science field, the universal lab spaces will be able to be used by various environmental studies and by the research institute housed in the building.