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UW-Oshkosh Fletcher Hall

Design an addition and renovation to a student residence hall that creates a better sense of community

For the State of Wisconsin and UW-Oshkosh, modernization, accessibility and a sense of community was of utmost importance in the renovation of and addition to Fletcher Hall, a 1966 student residence hall.

To improve accessibility issues, EUA added a main entry lobby with an elevator and repositioned the restroom configuration with updated, 2-3 fixture bathroom pods. Flexibility issues were solved by expanding current lounge spaces, as well as adding study rooms, seminar spaces and a game room and computer labs in the lower level. Core amenity upgrades were also made to the building, including updating the HVAC system and adding air conditioning. By adding low flow fixtures, the project has achieved a 30% reduction in water use. Through the addition, extra windows were added to increase natural daylight, for a healthier, more welcoming environment.