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The Lincoln Academy

Inspiring students to think beyond the classroom + toward their futures

Focused on creating a school that will help students prepare for their futures beyond of the classroom, Kids First Beloit reached out to EUA to design a charter school on the Eclipse Center campus.

By serving all grade levels of K-12, grades are split up with K4-4 on the first floor, 5-8 on the second and 9-12 on the third floor. Each floor has two classroom per grade level as well as exploratory spaces for students to explore a variety of disciplines including music, art, computer science, agriculture, welding, woodworking and STEM.

Classrooms are placed along the perimeter with large windows to allow greater access to natural daylighting for the students. Each classroom also has attached collaboration spaces that offer additional spots for smaller groups to work in while still offering teachers with high transparency to monitor the students due to the glass walls separating these spaces from the classroom.

Classrooms on the second and third floor offer teachers greater flexibility in their teaching by having sliding panels that allow the same grade teachers to create a larger combined classroom for different activities.