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A growing company's design solutions for future needs

As an industry leading software developer for school systems, Skyward faced the challenge of rapid growth. The team helped Skyward determine its current and future facility needs, then designed a solution that brought together the entire organization under one roof. This consolidation now allows for increased production and greater employee collaboration within a high-performance environment.

The world headquarters sits on a 40-acre site and houses nearly 1,000 employees on four floors with subsurface parking below the building. Facility amenities include a complete food service operation, outdoor patio, health clinic, concierge, training spaces and state-of-the-art technology systems throughout the building.

The interior of the facility is open and transparent and is designed to enhance a “scrum team” operating model which is critical to the company’s innovation commitment. This operating model requires maximum flexibility and the ability to adapt to rapid team formation—both aspects that the new facility expertly heightens and enriches.