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Sierra Nevada Corporation - Taylor Facility

Convert warehouse into office, manufacturing + assembly space while showcasing high-profile project

Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Space Systems is leading an effort to create a low-cost commercial human spacecraft, the Dream Chaser, to support the transport of cargo to and from low-Earth orbit.

Completed within an aggressive timeline, this new office and manufacturing/assembly space was designed to be a cross-generational environment. Workstations are equal in size to foster cross-training between senior staff and new hires and a variety of work settings provide opportunities for collaboration and increase chance encounters.

Our team worked closely with staff to ensure the space supported operations while also providing flexibility and security for ever-changing needs. Showcasing this high-profile project, a full-scale mockup of the Dream Chaser can be seen from the lobby while a visitor hallway offers partial views into manufacturing areas. A sophisticated space theme is integrated throughout to highlight SNC’s rich history and excitement around the Dream Chaser project.