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Rockwell Automation Customer Experience Center

Showcase innovative technology through an interactive space

Operating all over the globe, Rockwell Automation wanted to create a space that served as a demonstration and training area as well as show room for their international clients and employees.

Building upon what was originally slated to be conference rooms, the EUA team transformed the space into an innovative Customer Experience Center. Moving through the glass filled space, guests as well as employees are taken through multiple levels of experience, segmented into four unique zones. Technology infused conference rooms, movable curtain walls, and glass walled break out spaces offer interconnectedness in private as well as group settings. The cafe offers additional flexibility to this open, modern environment.

As a fresh contrast to their historic building, the space features non-traditional materials, fabrics and color palettes, creating a contemporary, progressive ambiance. Conference rooms were also placed within the core in order to throw light as deeply into the space as possible.