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Research Products - Poynette

Additional employee amenities + increase collaboration space

Research Products is a community-based manufacturing company specializing in indoor air quality solutions. EUA supported Research Products in refreshing their manufacturing facility.

Focusing mainly on the layout, programming and interior design of the office space, EUA performed a facility study to determine current state and option development. In the end, the best solution was to renovate the existing historic, industrial facility instead of building new.

Creating a space that would provide a welcoming first impression to customers and talent was a focus for Research Products. EUA worked with the client to create an interior design that communicates the brand’s focus on fresh, healthy air and honors their industrial and technological core. The new office layout consists of 16 offices, 16 cubicles, three flex rooms and additional space for collaboration creating an organized and systematic flow, while providing more shared daylight within all work environments. In addition to increased collaboration, employee amenities were also added, including a small fitness center, break areas for both office and manufacturing staff and a new patio area with overhead door access from the break room.