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ProHealth Care - Neuroscience

Bring outpatient neurological services to the community in a patient-centered, calming environment

Adding services to remain competitive in ProHealth Care's service area, the first floor of the existing physician office building was renovated into an outpatient neuroscience clinic. Attuned to the needs of patients requiring neurological treatment, the design maximizes comfort and reduces confusion. Lighting is adjustable, materials are softer and a calming blue color palette immediately eases visitors. Carpeting is not overly patterned and wood acoustical panels absorb sound while warming the space. Physician offices are organized so as to reduce exposure to electrical currents, known to aggravate those with neurological issues. A curved wall featuring clinic signage serves as a wayfinding point and simplifies the entry sequence.

To meet the needs of physicians, EUA collected input on space needs and developed a room layout that is standardized yet flexible for varying needs. Nurse stations and adjacencies are positioned to reduce distances between staff and patient areas.