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Pine Valley Community Village

Remodeling for enhanced mobility from a vertical design

To better serve the changing demands of the county’s aging population, Pine Valley’s 1960s institutional building was transformed from a traditional model into a more homelike household community featuring three neighborhoods that can accommodate up to 80 skilled nursing and 16 assisted living residents.

Attached to a renovated core services hub, the new single-story, 20-resident household model reduces vertical circulation and increases resident mobility and choice. Centrally located staff service areas and shorter corridors optimize staff efficiency by minimizing travel distances. Light-filled corridors, large windows, courtyards and building positioning offer enhanced views of the surroundings and abundant access to natural light.

Maintaining operational affordability was crucial and energy efficient solutions were implemented, including a geothermal heating and cooling system. A revenue generating CBRF component was added to compete with private pay competitors and an upgraded therapy area helps attract a larger outpatient population.