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Oconomowoc Area School District – High School East Campus

Incorporate highly collaborative + flexible spaces to create a new innovation campus

To expand their campus, the District purchased a vacant medical clinic located near the high school campus. The new East Campus provides an opportunity to create new learning environments for experiential and project-based learning and a new home for the District’s administrative offices.

To transform the former clinic into a modern learning environment, the entire structure was gutted and renovated. Added windows and skylights bring in natural light while innovative mechanical systems increase ceiling heights. A new material and color palette create a new identity and enlivens spaces. A well-lit path between the campuses allows students to move safely and easily.

Similar to professional business environments, the design features flexible, large- and small-group learning spaces, allowing for innovative partnerships between educators and local businesses.

Watch this video to see how Oconomowoc Area School District created their new learning environment.