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Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District – Secondary School

Embracing collaborative learning and the heightened growth within the community

Alleviating overcapacity issues, Oak Creek Secondary School decided to move towards a campus approach. An extension of the high school, the new 9th grade center increases space while creating a better transition experience for first-year students.

Limiting travel between the two buildings, the center includes a gym, music room, cafeteria, administrative offices and a library media center. At the heart of the school, the gym opens up to the lunch area creating an after-school commons. With a focus on STEAM and collaborative learning, adjacency between learning spaces provides shared common areas and resources. Classrooms are multi-purpose, featuring mobile teacher desks and a variety of desk furniture for students.

Designed to accommodate population growth, an additional wing is located in the 9th grade center for personalized learning and is currently used for staff resources.