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Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company

Modern design that exudes stability, trust and security while respecting the historic building

The EUA team was engaged by Northwestern Mutual (NM) to complete an interior renovation of their Wealth Management Company client-facing space within the historic South Office Building. Located directly off of the main lobby, it was imperative that this client and public facing space communicated NM’s tradition of strength, stability and longevity through a modern and respectful design.

Respecting the historic nature of the building, existing finishes were complemented and blended with the new, modern design. Repairs were made to the heavy bronze doors original to the building and the coffered ceiling was mimicked from the main lobby and continued into the space. Marble finishes were restored to convey sophistication and turnstiles were added for extended security. To modernize client spaces, TVs and monitors were seamlessly incorporated into the conference rooms, allowing for technology-enriched spaces to improve advisor-client engagement.