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Northwestern Mutual - Franklin

A suburban campus symbolic of a corporate giant's commitment to long-term growth and client service

Master Plan
Having physically outgrown their iconic downtown Milwaukee headquarters, Northwestern Mutual made the decision to develop a second major campus that would accommodate their booming workforce. EUA developed a master plan for the office campus that reflected Northwestern Mutual's core values of quality, stability and efficiency. It included four new construction office buildings built based on the company's growth and needs. The buildings would be clustered around a central water feature, creating a visual focal point for the complex.

The challenge was to create a facility that would strengthen the Northwestern Mutual culture of community. The design solution reflects a strategy of making subtle connections to the company's well-established downtown campus, while also celebrating the building's distinctive natural setting.

Phase 1
The facility's central ellipse, the architectural signature of the campus, houses public spaces such as the lobby, dining room and conference rooms. These communal areas have views of the water feature and outdoor terrace. Connected to the ellipse are large rectangular floor plates that bring flexibility to the building, allowing the company to easily reconfigure open work spaces as business needs require.

Phase 2
In order to establish a cohesive identity for the entire campus, phase two was designed with the same open and airy aesthetic as its sister building. The facility features several sustainable elements that reduce its environmental impact and improve the employee experience including a reflective coated roof and green roof tray systems, day lighting, an under-floor air distribution system and on-site storm water retention.

Beyond Design
"They have yet to shrink away from a challenge or assignment and moreover, they have gone beyond design in almost every aspect of this project. They have anticipated our needs, have been proactive with ideas and have acted in ways that most designers do not." - Tom Dyer, Vice President - Corporate Services, Northwestern Mutual