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Nature's Way*

Increase employee collaboration + creativity in the workspace

Nature's Way wanted a new office building located 1.5 miles east of their existing office facility on their 30.5-acre campus. In addition to the existing and new office facilities, the campus is also home to their gummies manufacturing plant. The new office includes many features that will enhance employees' collaboration, creativity and safety through a natural, well-lit and highly functional workplace. The new space visually demonstrates the purpose of Nature's Way, their mission and their commitment to health, wellness and their community.

A few key project highlights include conference, meeting and collaboration spaces that provide employees and guests with diverse choices in furniture with different postures, levels of privacy and accessible technology. The design includes smart increases in square footage per person and flexible furniture arrangements that accommodate social distancing to protect and enhance health and wellness. A wellness room for relaxation, as well as a dedicated room for an on-site nurse are among some of the amenities incorporated into the design. A two-story lobby space with a balcony that visually connects to multiple spaces in the new office, will connect to a future office building. When possible, locally sourced natural materials and earth tones were incorporated into the design and access to natural light was planned for all employees, whether in a private office or individual workstation.

This new office provides a healthier, more engaging space to accommodate their recent and projected company growth.