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Moye White LLP

As Moye White considered leaving Lower Downtown and reducing their square footage, they recognized that employee needs are evolving, and several factors were considered. Company culture, wellness of occupants, work style, and finding a location that would be conducive to their new hybrid work model and future needs were all considered.

EUA led the programming and test fit process and as the final location was selected, The Current River North became the winning choice for Moye White’s new office. The design team curated a space that leveraged public building amenities such as the Great Room, conference center, event space and rooftop decks. Moye White’s shared offices, unassigned workspaces, mentoring areas and expanded technology resources are to create a sustainable work environment allowing for freedom of movement and choice for employees when they were both in and out of the office.

Moye White and EUA believe in the future of work and employees, and together designed a space that highlights innovative solutions that offer choice of work and collaboration for the individual. Moye White is excited to continually be leading the way for legal services in Denver and their new office reflects this commitment to their clients, team, culture and environment.