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Monona Grove School District

Create a highly flexible + progressive school for future generations

After supporting the Monona and Cottage Grove communities through a combined successful referendum, EUA worked with the District and a visionary team to create a plan for the new Granite Ridge school.

School tours, design charrettes, and interactive discussions led to a layout that builds trust and promotes student agency. Each grade wing includes a central collaborative area surrounded by classrooms and small group instruction areas. The building offers varying levels of transparency and openness to cater to multiple learning needs. Filled with natural light, movable walls, and child-friendly furniture options, the environment is engaging, inspiring, and flexible.

Granite Ridge does not have a traditional large cafeteria. Instead, flexible cafes are incorporated into each grade wing to encourage a “family table” dining style. When the cafes are not being utilized for dining, it adapts to serve numerous functions. It is used throughout the day for science experiments, maker activities, large group instruction, and indoor recess. The library is intentionally located at the heart of the building, connected to the art, gym, and learning stairs.