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Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin Outpatient Clinic

A place for connecting culture with care

The Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin worked with EUA to update and relocate their former clinic to a new building, designing a wellness campus for the Tribe.

The land has historically provided the medicine for the Menominee. Traditional medicine remains active today as a means of experiencing individual and social wellness and spirituality. The Menominee Tribal Clinic is an outgrowth of this culture and an institutional cornerstone for the Tribe. It is a crucial way for the Tribe to take care of its members, paving the way for better health of the sovereign nation.

The stories of the patients will be visible within the building. To this end, sustainability and local traditions are being incorporated into the architecture. Locally sourced lumber, building circulation that flows like a river and art coexist with modern care spaces, mechanical and electrical systems. This building is one cornerstone of the Menominee Tribe and contributes to their vision of providing sustainability for the next five generations.