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Bucks Gaming

Design a dynamic gaming space on a tight budget and schedule

With revenue projections of over $100 billion in the video game industry, the Milwaukee Bucks seized the opportunity to join eSports and franchise their own team in the NBA 2K League. With the draft just a few months away, Bucks Gaming contracted EUA to help transform their space into a comfortable and competitive office that would help attract and retain the best gamers.

Battling a tight schedule of just a few weeks, the EUA team custom-designed the space with budget in mind. LED strip lights are redefined into a unique pattern that radiate an innovative gaming atmosphere. Gaming desks are placed in a benching format with repurposed TVs from the Bucks sales center located above the computer monitors and exposed green electrical conduits form a dynamic design against the concrete wall.

Defining the entrance, a birch wood vestibule doubles as an entry wall with the Bucks Gaming logo and TV mount for the meeting and conference space.