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Middleton Cross Plains Area School District – High School

Create a modern learning environment while still maintaining a small and comfortable building feel

Following a successful referendum, Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District (MCPASD) is continuing to work with EUA on two phases of renovations and additions at the High School. These changes are creating additional learning spaces with classrooms flanking the perimeter and career and tech ed (CTE) spaces occupying the renovated building area between the additions.

To make the building equitable, the North and South additions have duplicative spaces and services - libraries social stairs, cafeterias, etc. A second floor walkway was added as part of the project to connect the North and South additions, providing an alternative circulation path between. The first floor walkway is treated as a ‘main street’ connecting the performing arts and CTE spaces together.

The interior palette was chosen to make the students feel warm and comfortable. Services have different color and graphic markings throughout the school to help with wayfinding and identification.

The alternative high school, Clark Street Community School (CSCS), has been integrated into the North addition while still retaining their independence with a separate entrance.