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Kewaunee School District – Multiple Buildings

Transform and adapt aging facilities to meet the needs of this rural community

After extensive facility analysis, research, and community input, Kewaunee School District (KSD) and EUA developed a long-range Facilities Master Plan that aligned with the priorities of the Kewaunee community.

Following a successful referendum, EUA continued to work with KSD through an addition to the district office as well as various renovations, bringing Kewaunee education not only up to date, but ready for the future of education. Renovations included modernizing the culinary arts lab, tech education lab, science rooms and theatre. Highly applicable for this rural community, a brand new standalone agricultural learning lab with green house was incorporated to the campus directly across the street from the main building, where students can learn relevant skills for their community such as dealing with livestock, working with boats and how to effectively cultivate crops. Additionally, a fitness center was added, benefiting not just students but the community as well through public access.