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Kentwood Real Estate – Lower Downtown Denver

Revealing a building’s history to tell a new retail story through a bold + simple design parti

Having grown organically into the nooks and crannies of this split-level 100-year-old mercantile space, Kentwood’s disjointed office layout needed a complete overhaul in order to accommodate their modern business needs.

Celebrating the building’s past with commanding simplicity, exposed original iron columns and beam saddles march rhythmically through the space. Glass rooms are placed along the perimeter, showcasing the vintage brick walls and allowing an abundant flow of daylight. A long pattern of grey felt linear pendant fixtures running perpendicular to the central spine quietly reference the train tracks of Union Station. Beneath the “tracks” lies a generous formal staircase connecting the two levels to provide for drama as well as create a subtle distinction between public and private zones.

Kentwood’s new office reflects how the power of a bold, yet simple design premise can compellingly express history, draw interest from the street and provide a high- functioning, inspirational workplace.