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Kentwood Real Estate – Denver Tech Center Office

Modernizing the client’s space and culture through increased flexibility and transparency

With a space that no longer aided changing work styles and generational preferences, Kentwood Real Estate hired EUA to design their Denver Tech Center (DTC) office. The previous space had limited access to daylight and was composed of mostly private offices that often sat empty as brokers were offsite with clients. The new design and layout addresses these areas by accommodating more people in an open, energized environment.

In addition to private offices, the space now includes curvilinear working stations, glass walled conference rooms and communal areas such as a stunning perimeter break room and touchdown zones designed for impromptu meetings and socialization. As a result of this fresh, warm, open space, the client has seen an increase in not only the number of brokers leasing space in their office, but also the frequency in which they are coming in, collaborating with one another and generating a new sense of energy.