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Incorporating texture + transparency throughout the space to encourage collaboration

InPro’s site updates were a vehicle for greater company initiatives. While their marketing team needed to move to the main campus, the company also needed to reposition the workspace to be more collaborative and create a worthy showroom for the architectural products they manufacture.

Collaborative spaces include a den-like lounge and an expansive standing height countertop. A traditional conference room and smaller enclaves were included for private teaming. Private offices were moved to the interior of the space allowing ample daylight to reach more people from the clerestory windows, and InPro’s own magnetic/dry erase paint was used on walls to showcase the product’s dynamic role in collaborative situations. The new space created for InPro’s marketing team is serving as a catalyst not only for their work, but for design and culture change across the company. EUA’s design team has started implementing a master plan for these changes throughout the campus.