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Hilldale Shopping Mall

Return the design to its roots for differentiation in the community + continued focus on shopper experience

Since opening in October of 1962, Hilldale has adapted to meet the needs of its shoppers. The center has continued to evolve and add shopping options that differentiate it in the Madison community. Hilldale is a part of the Madison neighborhood and has a strong history of being home to the best local retailers and restaurants in town.

EUA is working with WS Development to transform the 52-year-old shopping center back to its roots of an outdoor street-style shopping experience with pedestrian walkways, social gathering places, and lush landscaping. This new design plus a unique blend of new stores (several new to Wisconsin), existing retailers, fine dining, and entertainment will keep Hilldale on the cutting edge of what’s hot in retail destinations today.

EUA is currently continuing our partnership with WS Development on the next phase of the project which includes the remodeling of Macy’s east entrance and inclusion of The Home Market.