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Heart and Vascular Institute of Wisconsin

Create a community-focused clinic to provide a high-level of care to patients through efficient design

Looking to start their own private practice in the Fox Valley area offering heart and vascular services with exceptional patient care, this group of physicians turned to EUA to transform a former veterinary college into their new specialty clinic on a tight schedule.

Working with the Owners and Construction Manager, EUA ensured constant communications occurred throughout the design and construction processes allowing for flexibility in creating a facility that brought the physicians's vision to reality. This future-focused design allows for potential expansion as well as incorporates state-of-the-art technology with adaptable space as technology advances.

Patients are greeted to a welcoming reception before being brought back to comfortable comfortable exam rooms. Heart and Vascular's staff are able to collaborate more efficiently with simple circulation and staff workstations that allow doctors and nurses to come together and share knowledge throughout the day.