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Confidential Building Technology Client

Global Building Technology Firm

Bringing innovation to the forefront of the customer and employee experience

Through a series of major renovation projects, the client was looking to re-imagine their customer experience center to enhance their engineering department’s ability to attract, engage and retain top industry talent.

Relocated to the first floor, the new Innovation Center provides a space for clients to experience new products and prototypes while engaging with the designers. Employees have access to a variety of spaces to support innovation; maker spaces for new product development, writable surfaces for spontaneous collaboration, and a large war room with a movable garage door for focused development. The eastern facing open-office is flooded with daylight, inviting views to the bustling city.

The engineering workspace is located two floors above and designed to support employees with a dynamic collaborative space. Upon arrival into the space visitors and engineers are welcomed by a product design showcase, featuring a range of products and celebrating achievements. Integrating energy consumption monitoring into the design, the engineers are able to see product performance in real-time, supporting energy systems development. From small huddle rooms to semi-open work areas to large conference rooms, employees have access to a variety of environments to support their work styles.