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Gauthier Biomedical

Effectively support the demand for their world class instruments while providing space to grow

The new research and development facility allows Gauthier to effectively support the demand for its world-class orthopedic and spinal instruments, while providing space to grow. The single level office and manufacturing space allows for transparency between engineering, quality control and manufacturing. The overall building layout is based on a “courtyard” scheme. The central courtyard provides outdoor green space, as well as a promenade entry to the facility.

With a focus on creating a positive corporate culture, staff amenities were highlighted through green space, daylighting, gym / locker rooms and a cafeteria. In addition, Gauthier’s customers can to observe the production of the company’s instruments via a showcase located adjacent to the climate-controlled manufacturing and fabrication plant. Gauthier’s medical manufacturing process generates oil and fine metal filings, so a highly durable floor surface was required. The end solution was a polished concrete floor that is easy to clean and resistant to manufacturing abuse.