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Froedtert & MCW Sussex Health Center

Position the building for optimal use on a restricted site due to surrounding wetlands

Located in Sussex, Wisconsin, this primary care clinic's design was influenced heavily by the materials and designs of its sister city in Sussex, England. The main materials of stone and wood have a quiet elegance to them as both have been integral to building designs for centuries, giving the new clinic a timeless feel.

Planning around the picturesque wetland site, EUA positioned the clinic orientation to best preserve the landscape and maximize the interior layout for staff efficiency. Applying the Circle of Utility during the planning process, the team worked to create a balance between elements. The design features these through nature (daylighting, views of gardens, outdoor space for staff), planning for required utilities (lab/imaging space, dual access exam rooms for patient privacy), elevating the care team's potential (minimizing footsteps between common tasks) and providing the necessary elements for the community (integrated community design, bringing primary care closer to the community).