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Froedtert & MCW Integrated Service Center

Consolidating once-separate functions under one roof to improve workflow

To centralize once-separate pharmacy, distribution, and supporting functions under one roof, the Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin health network integrated these services within a new free-standing facility, bridging the gap between healthcare and workplace. Consolidation enabled Froedtert to quickly backfill the previously occupied spaces at nearby Community Memorial Hospital with much-needed hospital functions.

Programmed for easy collaboration, the independent departments were strategically placed within an open office setting, promoting partnership between departments and effective wayfinding, product flow, and workflow for a variety of different operating styles. A work café and two enclaves were implemented for collaborative meeting space and employee socialization.

Located within a warehouse setting adjacent to the office portion, the compounding pharmaceutical departments organize, package, and distribute prescriptions in bulk to Froedtert’s satellite locations optimizing workflow and reducing prescription costs for patients.