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Fox Valley Technical College – Science Labs

Flexible laboratory + classrooms for improved student outcomes

With the growing demand for skilled workers, Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) recognized the need to update laboratories and classrooms within the Science Center, to better meet current and future needs. EUA proposed several changes, including consolidation of spaces to place science departments in one single, 30,000 sq ft location, as well as modernization of the overall facility.

Together with administration and instructors, labs were re-organized to streamline functionality and flow, creating a well-defined suite of circulation, identification and branding for the science programs. A centralized support core increases efficiency and provides multiple points of access throughout the labs. Each lab was custom designed, with furnishings and fixtures specific to each instructors’ pedagogy. Flexibility is
maximized through movable power and fume extraction equipment, allowing spaces to easily adapt for future advancements in science, or be converted into general classrooms if needed. In three spaces, movable partitions combine lab and lecture spaces, and feature a teaching wall with touchscreen and interactive capabilities.

Completed over four phases, FVTC has efficient, flexible labs that are cost effective and better support programs.