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Fox Valley Technical College – Health Simulation + Technology Center

Meeting demand through innovative spaces

Experiencing a 30% enrollment increase since 2009 with a particular interest in healthcare, FVTC selected EUA to help pass a referendum and design the significant Health Simulation and Technology Center (HSTC) addition. The new state-of-the-art facility brings together students and healthcare professionals with high-tech simulation equipment capable of replicating real-life patient care scenarios. The new HSTC building is a three-story addition that is now the prominent entrance to the campus, acting as a distinct architectural counterpoint to the existing large, and relatively opaque main campus building.

Each floor of the facility holds different life-like training settings, giving the students real world training for future healthcare employment. The first floor is designed as a virtual hospital, the second floor is laid out as a clinic/laboratory, and the third floor features rehabilitative therapy and home healthcare. The center’s human simulators emulate bodily functions, creating a life-like scenario that increases student critical thinking and confidence, and places an emphasis on patient safety.

The curves of the oversized corridors create study and collaboration spaces directly outside of classrooms. This design element is helping the college shed the previous transitory “day” feeling by fostering student interaction and creating a place to stay between classes.  

In contrast to the main building on the campus, the HSTC was designed to maximize views and daylighting allowing students and staff to have visual access to the surroundings. Efficient lighting, electric shades and low-e glass efficiently control lighting levels and reduce solar heat gain. Landscaping features native plants that require low maintenance and reduce water required for irrigation.