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First Western Trust*

Design a welcoming banking environment for a multi-generational client base

Showcasing the rooted foundation and progressive nature of the business through an unpretentious, welcoming environment for their multi-generation client base was paramount. This balance of tradition and contemporary thought is woven throughout the corporate headquarters. Simply articulated, meticulously crafted weighted volumes in timeless materials of cherry, maple and travertine create texture in elevation, while appearing airy as they nestle between panes of glass.

Environmental stewardship and employee wellness were fundamental to the design of this LEED certified facility. Large expansive glass perimeter offices provide light and view transmission to all employees while allowing acoustic privacy for confidential discussions. Seamlessly integrated sliding Nanawall systems allow spaces to be dual function, maximizing real estate without surrendering the aesthetic. Exhibit opportunities were incorporated for the integration of the extensive rotating art collection enticing users to pause and enjoy.