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Financial Client – Milwaukee

A highly flexible, multi-functional environment that can adapt as the client grows

To appeal to the modern IT employee, the space blends a highly flexible and modern aesthetic with the timeless character of the organization’s headquarters; establishing a new facilities standard for the company. The tenant improvement provides a functional environment that can adapt as the client grows with multi-functional spaces, flexible furniture solutions and integrated technology for onsite and remote collaboration.

Distinguishing itself in the Milwaukee marketplace with a focus on employee retention and satisfaction, sit-stand workstations provide ergonomic comfort, a work café fosters socialization and innovative finishes subtly activate the brand. Collaboration “cubes,” booth seating and private nooks with lounge furniture provide employees additional options for private work and group meetings. Repositioning perimeter private offices to the building core and equipping them with glass fronts improves circulation while providing daylighting and panoramic views of downtown to all employees. The client was able to double its existing space occupancy, while creating areas that are customizable to each team’s workstyles with movable center tables, glassboards and furniture that can be easily rearranged on a project basis.