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Revitalize a second-generation office space for an elevated employee experience

Epsilon's new location in Broomfield at Circle Point is a premiere location. With the higher market visibility, it was critical that their new location provide employee's the best work environment in the area. The client's primary goal was to focus on the physical workspaces instead of the public areas. This human-focused strategy resulted in an employee-centric workplace that promotes well-being. The design celebrates the human element and aims to draw employees into the office and into an environment that balances purposeful interaction with maximum focus.

With renovations largely focused on elevating their staff's environments, the design incorporates perimeter workstations and extensive upgrades to the interior lighting to increase employee access to natural daylighting. Intended to appeal to a wide variety of work preferences, floors are bookended by large breakrooms, each with a different thematic design while smaller breakout spaces are scattered throughout for individual and group work.