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Consolidation to create corporate identity, flexibility + safety for lab operations

Encapsys, a microencapsulation technology leader, was previously housed in three different facilities on one campus. This 70-person company was looking to consolidate all operations into one building for efficiencies, while creating a strong corporate identity and improving the ongoing safety of their operations.

More than 10% of the building square footage was designed as collaborative workspaces for the Encapsys team members. The collaboration spaces extend to the laboratory which has been designed as one open laboratory with a focus on ergonomic flooring for the standing scientists as well as access to daylighting on the floor and views to the outside.

Within the laboratory, there are featured collaborative zones specifically designed around technology sharing monitors and equipment. Flexible lab spaces/benches were added to support three different teams consisting of up to 40 people (Scientists, Process Engineers and Technicians).

Watch this video to see how Encapsys consolidated three facilities into one building with improved efficiencies:

Experience the Space in Virtual Reality

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