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A showcase of concrete construction, the building itself displays DOKA's capabilities

DOKA is an international formwork fabricator and distributor that ships and sells concrete formwork systems and services to all industry sectors. EUA succeeded in designing their new construction Midwest regional headquarters to demonstrate DOKA's skill as a concrete formwork company while remaining within a tight budget. The DOKA building is an advertisement for the simplicity, economy and expressiveness of concrete construction, which openly illustrates the company's specialty and mission.

The design embraced concrete construction and used the building to display the material's capabilities. The strategic placement of four poured-in-place 24-foot-high exposed concrete walls demonstrate DOKA's products and also serve to define public, private and shared zones within the office building. By finishing floors and walls to a smooth veneer, shaping the reception desk out of the formwork material and sculpting a distinctive concrete wall, the design embraced technology normally used for infrastructure to create a unique workspace.