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Confidential Client - Innovation Center

A canvas for innovation, quality + culture

This client has designed and tested industry-leading modern appliances in the same building since the 1950s. When the world’s leading designer of luxury home appliances plans a major new facility, the design goes through the same thoughtful scrutiny as each of their legendary products. With the tremendous growing market for luxurious appliances, they client expanded its product lines to ranges, ovens and dishwashers. This new facility will integrate research and development, allowing product innovators to easily adapt specific lab set-up to serve evolving needs.

Dedicated in the name of the company’s founder, the building is designed to expedite communication, collaboration, inspire creative solutions and reflect the corporate culture of high standards and quality. EUA worked closely with leadership and engineers to study process flow, product development and testing. Key drivers also included maximizing daylight within the work spaces, effective building security and flexibility. Therefore, employee satisfaction, retention, new talent attraction and informed amenities will help this client continue to lead the industry.