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Confidential Client

Design that cultivates a workplace of choice to attract and retain the next generation of employees

Facing retirement eligibility of 50 percent of their workforce, the client was looking to transform their environments to become a competitor in attracting and retaining talent.

Located directly off of the historic lobby, “Legacy Hall”, the former library, is designed to be reconfigurable, from intimate gatherings to a pre-assembly room for larger events. Elements within the space reenergize the rich history of the building and a variety of seating provide employee choice throughout the day. A centrally located kitchenette features a snack and coffee bar, providing a welcome space for visitors and an additional area for employees to unwind.

Originally an out of service dining room, the updated conference center features an attached mini mart and updated technology to evoke the company’s capabilities to staff and visitors. Large facing windows provide ample daylighting to foster productivity and well-being. The new multi-functional space is divisible into one, two or three rooms using hidden ceiling partition walls.