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Comcast NVOC at Dry Creek

Implement corporate space utilization + design standards to support unique functions

This state-of-the-art space was designed to support two very different work environments in a cohesive space – an NVOC (Network Video Operations Center), which requires a quiet and controlled environment, and a collaborative open office area. Patterned after NBC’s operation center in Dry Creek, the team took the egg-shaped form a step further by wrapping it in a “k” shaped wall, highlighting the sculptural shape. Inside are concentric layers of workstations focused on display screens wrapping the entire interior surface. In turn, the NVOC anchors the area with open offices and support spaces surrounding it. Small multi-purpose rooms are situated throughout the space to accommodate teleconference calls and meetings.

Beginning with integrating established planning standards from Comcast’s Corporate Headquarters in Philadelphia, the team worked closely with facilities and planning to meet space utilization ratios throughout the programming process to ultimately develop corporate design standards. Finishes were selected leveraging national contracts, with an overall goal of creating design standards that will be implemented at all future Denver Comcast projects.