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Colorado State Capitol Projects

Protecting the People's House

The State of Colorado has engaged EUA over the years to address the changing needs of the State Capitol Building. These projects include: workplace design and planning studies for the garden level, security improvements, and upgrades to the Senate Chambers.

In partnership with Legislative staff, EUA studied the garden level to determine the feasibility of providing additional legislator offices in the Capitol building. In addition, we provided test fits for other floors of office space within the Capitol Complex.

The 2020 protests and riots resulted in over $1 million of damage to the Capitol Building. EUA worked with the State to address security improvements identified by the US Department of Homeland Security while maintaining the historic integrity of the building.

   Fun Fact: Demolition of the floor uncovered a network of masonry "ducts" used to distribute air beneath the floor and direct it past the under-floor steam radiators along the perimeter. A retrofitted heat-pump still makes use of this system today!