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Children's Wisconsin – Hillside Clinic

Specialized care for the little ones in our life

EUA was hired to complete the interiors on this free standing two-story outpatient clinic within a restricted schedule and budget. The client wanted a classic yet energetic design that would engage the suburban community including their adolescent and pre-teen patients. They wanted their clinic to be convenient with integrated technology and amenities to accommodate families. The client also wanted a solution to their disconnected layout.

Through the selection of specific finishes, unique patterns and vibrant colors, EUA created a lively atmosphere that also established an instinctual way finding system throughout the facility. Local artwork and athletic jerseys from surrounding schools create a connection with the family-centered community. The first floor gym acts as a showcase for parents to watch their children during rehab featuring rubber flooring and painted agility patterns for restoring speed, balance, and body control. Integrated technology such as flexible furniture featuring outlets/USB plugins are located in waiting areas, as well as a Starbucks to accommodate patients and their family members.