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Bayshore Town Center

A 1950's indoor shopping mall transformed into a thriving lifestyle center

Officials in Glendale, Wisconsin felt increasing pressure to renovate the city's big-box shopping center, Bayshore Mall, in order to avoid the rapid demise and failure experienced by malls in neighboring cities. To set the stage, the city began acquiring adjacent properties that would allow for a a new-construction expansion and renovation of the half-century-old mall. The end goal was to transform the mall into a Milwaukee-area mixed-use landmark with innovative new retail and entertainment concepts.

During the 22-month construction period, Bayshore Mall evolved into Bayshore Town Center, a hybrid village that combines traditional indoor mall space with outdoor lifestyle shops and restaurants. The renovation of the 47-acre mall created room for 180 retailers - 110 more than the previous site plan.

New Standard
Although variations of urban-town centers are being built across the country, Bayshore Town Center has gone further than most. Some have the mixed use of shopping, entertainment and housing; others have the outdoor concept; a few have large parking structures. Bayshore Town Center is unique because it incorporates all three, creating a new standard for malls nationwide.

While some questions arose as to whether an outdoor mall would succeed in Wisconsin's cold climate, these doubts have since subsided. Not only does Bayshore Town Center consistently perform in the top 10 percent of regional malls nationally, but the Glendale mall also experiences consistently strong customer traffic during winter and holiday months.