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BayCare Clinic Lakeside Campus

Maximize patient views, minimize staff footsteps + encourage physical health

Growing demand for specialized care in orthopedics and sports medicine in the Manitowoc area led BayCare to build a brand new clinic that would better support the community’s needs offering not only orthopedic and sports medicine, but also urology and eye care, pain and neurology management with rehabilitation. The new building’s design, layout, colors and materials were inspired by the maritime history of the area and their prime location along the lakefront. The overall form of the two-story building with its sweeping roof and exposed framework mimics that of a ship’s hull while under construction. The exterior color palette and materials take cues from the nearby sand, driftwood, stones and water.

BayCare wanted to showcase the great lake views for both staff and patients. This was achieved by having the main thoroughfares connect to the exterior, allowing a variety of spaces, including team work areas and exam rooms, to be connected to daylight, much like a prism on a ship. The goal was to bring in as much daylight into the building as possible. Not only was patient comfort a factor to layout, but also improving staff interactions within the space. Departments were placed to minimize their footsteps while also separating out staff and patient sections from each other which had an added benefit of improved wayfinding.