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Badger Middle School

Intersecting the old with new modern spaces

Badger Middle School, originally constructed in 1925 as the West Bend High School, was a community icon with architectural elements indicative of the building’s historical roots.

The community had affection for the elements that adorned the original building and wanted to save many of the relics. Hand carved, 2,000-pound sculptures were meticulously removed from the existing building that would later be demolished. The design team incorporate eight sculptures to interior spaces of the new building areas along with an assortment of other relics

The three-story building academic wing was designed around the "house” concept, and has general academic and science classrooms surrounding a large multi-purpose space along with teacher and student support spaces. Sustainable elements were added to the school, such as ice-storage tanks for air conditioning and high efficiency lighting.

During the design process, three of the school's 7th grade students expressed the desire to come up with design plans of their own. These students met with the design team to discuss their desires for the school and also learned how well-crafted spaces can impact student engagement. The opportunity to be a part of the design process had a long lasting and positive effect on one of the students and aided in his decision to attend architectural school following his graduation from high school.