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Badger Liquor

Establish regional brand presence and appeal to high-end hospitality industry clientele

Wanting to establish their presence in the Milwaukee market, family-owned Badger Liquor selected historic Schlitz Park to be the home of their highly customized, new regional office. In addition to being the home base for their sales force, the space also serves as a training center for Badger Liquor’s Bartender and Mixologist. The driver for this project was to bring in local bartenders and clients to learn how to design new cocktails using innovative techniques. The custom millwork bar was designed in collaboration with an award-winning mixologist.

Behind the bar, the design team created a one-of-a-kind 360-degree secret door that leads to a private speakeasy. Adjacent to the bar is a wine tasting area, separated by a feature wall comprised of reclaimed whiskey barrels and custom product displays. The local-centric design also incorporates a supergraphic of Milwaukee, Prohibition-era photography and pieces of the family company history. EUA worked with Badger Liquor to anticipate and plan for future growth within their office space. The suite serves to improve their interaction with clients in a historic brewery, residing in the heart of Milwaukee.