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Ascension St. Francis Hospital Interventional Radiology Suite

Solving issues before they begin with 3D visualization aided design

To offer patients more advanced cardiac diagnostics and interventional procedures at St. Francis Hospital, Ascension wanted an expanded interventional radiology (IR) suite. EUA was hired to design this expansion within an existing department that was land locked and spanned two existing buildings.

Through interdisciplinary collaboration, the design team found solutions to address the limitations of the renovated space. Laser scanning and 3D visualization programs allowed the team to create a design solution with a very high degree of accuracy.  The floor-to-ceiling height was a challenge since the standard dimensions of the new bi-plane IR equipment did not fit within the room’s vertical constraints. To solve this issue, EUA worked with a cleanroom ceiling manufacturer to create a new product line resulting in one-of-a-kind technology solution. The custom ceiling system provides electrical service, HVAC and equipment support within a 10 1/8” high space. 

Through teamwork and creative problem solving the design team delivered an expanded and fully equipped Interventional Radiology suite which provides patients with state-of-the-art technology and care.